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About us

Sharp Impressions is a Perth based branding company with a difference.

Understanding our clients often have tight deadlines, we’re the only branding company in Australia with enough confidence to offer businesses our on time or it’s free guarantee.

On time is not good enough for us. We

continually strive to deliver the most

innovation and the highest performing

products to fit our client’s budget and



Relishing the challenge to have you stand out when building your brand, we employ the most experienced and passionate people, and suppliers, to bring you products and solutions

others often simply can’t.

Every business has different needs, and we always strive to fit the need in a way that will outperform what others have already offered. We do this by asking our clients a series of insightful questions, questions that are most

often overlooked by our competitors but are critical to delivering the best solution



Right The First time

Correctly delivered orders right 1st time.

Nobody likes surprises when stock is

delivered not as suspected. Our systems deliver stock exactly as expected, and reorders are simple.


On The Fly

We have people on the road in your area regularly. You may be happy with your present supplier, but if you get stuck for quick supply, we will deliver. If it is at all possible, we can make it happen.


We distribute for many companies so if you can’t find what you need, please ask. It may not be shown in our marketing material or online, that doesn’t mean it’s not available.


Yes, we run 30 day accounts after a simple approval process. Clients can pay by Cash, Credit Card, EFT or cheque.

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